Nevada Family Law Mediation

Relating to Adoption and Surrogacy Law

Parents can handle almost any type of dispute or negotiation through mediation. Mediation is an informal alternative to a courtroom trial that allows both sides to express their concerns and discuss parental rights as well as to come to conclusions that benefit both parties. Family law mediation allows parents to discuss all legal aspects of the adoption process and surrogacy without the courtroom formalities.

An Easier Solution for Family Negotiations

Attorney Eric Stovall has been able to help clients easily transition into their new family units without the bitterness that a courtroom drama often leaves behind.

Regarding adoptions, attorney Stovall has coordinated mediation efforts between adopted parents and birth parents. These satisfy both parties without confining the conflict to a courtroom. Other negotiations could be between parents and surrogates, the two parents themselves, a birth parent and stepparent or any other parties involved in an adoption or other process regarding a child’s future. No matter who is involved, both parties can usually reach acceptable outcomes through this process. Additionally, it keeps court costs and litigation fees to a minimum.

A Mediation Attorney for Adoption and Surrogacy Throughout Nevada

If you are facing the prospect of negotiating an adoption mediation or a surrogacy, then contact our Nevada attorney. We can explain the mediation process as it pertains to a Nevada adoption or surrogacy. We have offices conveniently located in Reno as well as Las Vegas.