What is Surrogacy and Surrogate Parenting?

Nevada Surrogacy Law Explained

What is surrogacy? What are my rights? How does it work? Nevada surrogacy attorney explains surrogacy contracts, costs, pre-birth orders & more.

Modern science has given many couples the chance to have children of their own. Even if the parents cannot conceive the baby themselves, they can still have a child with a surrogate’s help. Our Nevada surrogacy attorney, Eric A. Stovall, can answer any questions you might have, whether it is about surrogacy definitions, contracts, costs and more.

Surrogacy Practice Areas

It is important to hire a surrogacy lawyer in Nevada so you can understand how surrogacy works. Our law firm helps clients with the following types of common surrogacy matters:

  • Nevada surrogacy laws– Nevada is currently one of the most progressive states in the country when it comes to surrogacy laws. As they are constantly changing, it helps to consult with an attorney before you make a decision.
  • Surrogacy contracts– Drafting the right document before entering the agreement is crucial for preserving your rights as a parent or gestational carrier. The surrogacy agreement should walk you through the process and include things like compensation, types of medical exams the surrogate must complete, any testing for the child and other legal protections for all parties.
  • Surrogacy for LGBT couples– Both state and federal laws have specific statutes that affect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents. We can explain how these laws affect each of you.
  • Gestational carrier representation– After you find yourself saying “I want to be a surrogate”, the list of questions you probably have is overwhelming. Where do you even begin? How do you protect yourself, as well as the baby? Before you agree to be a gestational carrier for another parent or parents, you need to understand what your rights are. This may include discussions about what kinds of compensation is legal in Nevada. Additionally, since Nevada requires all parties, including the gestational surrogate, to have legal representation, you want to make sure you find the right attorney for you.
  • Intended parent representation– When you trust another person to bring your child into the world, there are many legal and personal matters to consider first. It is better to get all concerns out in the open and make decisions now, before you need them. You should clearly define your parental rights in a pre-birth order.
  • Surrogacy Cost – You want to make sure you know and understand expected fees, when the fees are due and what they go towards. Additionally, Nevada surrogacy laws are very specific in terms of compensation for the gestational carrier.
  • Egg donor contracts.
  • Other options – Other things your family will want to consider is embryo donation and sperm donation, as well as the possibility of adoption. You just want to make sure you understand what choices you might have.

Before Entering into a Surrogacy Agreement

The surrogate’s role is extremely important, and a surrogacy law firm can help you understand the complexities of surrogate parenting. When preparing the initial agreement between the legal parents and the surrogate, all parties must understand the obligations and expectations. Some of the most important areas to finalize are:

  • The couple’s health concerns for the surrogate and the baby, including diet and approved activities
  • Doctor visits and checkups
  • Responsibilities for bills and payment
  • The child’s name for birth documentation

Often, soon-to-be parents can obtain a pre-birth order from a court that helps them receive immediate physical and legal custody of the baby upon birth. An experienced surrogacy attorney should draft and review all documents to ensure accuracy and attention to detail. The attorney will help you think of things you might not otherwise have considered to make sure you are as prepared as possible.

Nevada Surrogacy Lawyer Representing Gestational Surrogates and Intended Parents

As a surrogacy lawyer practicing in Reno and Las Vegas, Eric A. Stovall has a lot of experience helping clients add a child to their family. He represents clients on both sides of surrogacy contracts, so he understands each’s concerns. If you are considering using a surrogate or if you want to be a surrogate, set up a consultation. You can get your initial questions answered so that you know what your next step should be. Please contact attorney Eric A. Stovall today to take that first step.

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