Adopting Internationally?

Our International Adoption Lawyer Assists Families in All Types of Adoptions

Picture of a family with an adopted childSince 1995, Reno adoption lawyer Eric A. Stovall has been working with families to complete adoptions from around the globe.

Why Adopt Internationally?

There are many reasons families choose to seek international adoptions. In some cases, families have a special connection to the native country from which they wish to adopt. For example, a family with a certain heritage might wish to adopt a child from that region. A family who has traveled in China and developed an affinity for that country might choose to seek out a Chinese child to adopt. In other cases, a family that might not meet all the criteria for a domestic adoption chooses to complete an international adoption instead. Our Reno adoption lawyer is experienced in handling international adoptions and knows the Nevada adoption laws that pertain to you and your family.

How Much Does an International Adoption Cost?

Adoption costs for international adoptions vary greatly and depend upon many factors. Unlike most domestic adoptions, travel costs factor in as one of the most considerable expenses associated with international adoption. Some countries require more trips to finalize the adoption than others do. The cost of an adoption, regardless of the avenue you seek, is different for every family and every individual situation. Reno adoption lawyer Eric A. Stovall can explain your financial options and help create an adoption budget best suited for your family.

Call Our International Adoption Lawyer in Nevada

Contact Reno adoption lawyer Eric A. Stovall, Ltd. to schedule a consultation with an international adoption lawyer. Whether you choose to pursue an international adoption or need to get information about a public or private domestic adoption, we can offer advice as to how you should proceed. We serve clients internationally.

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