Terminating Parental Rights in Nevada

From Our Nevada Adoption Lawyer

Picture of a woman deciding about parental rights

Terminating parental rights is usually essential for the best interests of a child. In order for a new parent to adopt the child, the former parent must relinquish his or her rights. If you are currently in this situation, Reno surrogacy attorney Eric Stovall can help you resolve this issue and explain Nevada parental rights.

If the parent does any of the following, you should consider terminating parental rights:

  • Uses illegal drugs
  • Participates in criminal activity
  • Expresses desire to exit the child’s life
  • Commits physical or sexual abuse
  • Leaves the child’s life for extended periods without reason

A Tough Decision…A Better Life

The child’s life is always the priority in these difficult circumstances, and we give him or her the greatest attention throughout this life-altering process. Experienced and knowledgeable legal help can guide you through this period with confidence. You should think very carefully about relinquishing parental rights in Nevada; terminating parental rights can be very difficult to reverse.

Eric A. Stovall wants to help you build your family and provide a solid foundation for your family’s future. The decisions you make now – and the legal assistance you receive when carrying out these decisions – are the basis for a secure peace of mind and a happy, stable family.

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If you believe it is in a child’s best interests to terminate a birth parent’s rights, contact Nevada adoption lawyer Eric A. Stovall for a consultation.