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Considering Surrogacy or Adoption in Nevada?

Let Our Adoption and Surrogacy Lawyer Help Your Family Grow

main-side-bgThose who turn to surrogacy or adoption as a means of having a child all have a common end goal: they want their family to grow and need help to make that happen. Over two decades ago, Reno attorney Eric A. Stovall saw an overwhelming demand for a knowledgeable adoption and surrogacy lawyer in Nevada. He then decided that he could fill this void within the legal community.

Since that time, attorney Eric Stovall has assisted with over 2,000 successful surrogacies and adoptions for his clients. During that time, Nevada surrogacy laws evolved, making the state one the most progressive in the country, providing protection to surrogates and intended parents. Medical technology also evolved, allowing for more certainty in a surrogate pregnancy. As a result of these legal and scientific advances, more parents are looking to surrogacy in Nevada as a means to expand their families. Eric Stovall’s experience make him remarkably qualified to provide strong legal support to those families during the process of surrogacy or adoption. He is:

  • Widely regarded for his work in these areas of law
  • Referred Nevada surrogacy and adoption cases by lawyers located across the state and nation
  • Involved in over 150 surrogacies and adoptions in Nevada each year
  • President of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys, the acknowledged experts in both surrogacy and adoption law

Need a Nevada Surrogacy Attorney?

A family is one of the most precious gifts; surrogacy allows a friend, relative or even a complete stranger to give the gift of a family to another. Surrogacy appeals to many individuals and couples because it allows you to have a child biologically related to you, even if you cannot conceive. Furthermore, Nevada’s progressive laws allow virtually any parent or family to take advantage of the surrogacy process.

If you are considering surrogacy or need an attorney for a surrogacy contract, then Eric A. Stovall can help. He can provide attorney advice regarding the following:

  • What types of surrogacy do Nevada surrogacy laws permit?
  • Can I use surrogacy if I am a single parent?
  • How do Nevada surrogacy laws affect LGBT couples?
  • Who can use a surrogate?
  • What are common surrogacy costs?
  • What do I need to know about becoming a surrogate?
  • How do I make sure a child born using a surrogate is legally mine?
  • How do I become an egg donor? What about embryo donation or sperm donation?
  • What information should I include in a surrogacy contract?
  • Do surrogates have to go through medical or psychological testing?
  • What happens if a surrogate changes her mind once the baby is born?

Eric Stovall’s work in reproductive law includes providing representation for either the gestational carrier or intended parents involved in a surrogacy. He also has the experience necessary to offer legal services to new agencies during business formation.

Looking for an Adoption Attorney or Have Questions about the Adoption Process?

Adoption is about bringing together parents and children who are looking for each other to complete a family. Our law firm can explain how the adoption process works, as well as what options may be right for your situation. He can also inform you of how ever-changing Nevada adoption laws might affect your growing family and how to adopt. Furthermore, Eric A. Stovall can work with you throughout the process to make sure everything runs smoothly for everyone. He can answer such adoption questions as:

  • What is an open adoption vs a closed adoption? What are the pros and cons of agency adoption versus private adoption?
  • Can the father of my child dispute the adoption?
  • What are the eligibility requirements for adopting a child in Nevada?
  • Do I have to live in Nevada to adopt a child from the state?
  • What are common adoption costs and fees?
  • What are the pros and cons of adoption?
  • How does a relative adoption work?
  • Is same sex adoption allowed in Nevada?
  • What do I need to think about for a single parent adoption? Or a stepparent adoption?
  • How do I finalize an international adoption?
  • Do I need an adoption agency or facilitator? What is the difference?

Need Help with Surrogacy or Adoption? Then Call Our Reno Attorney Today

When you call Eric Stovall, you will receive the experienced assistance of an attorney who regularly works with people who want to build a family through surrogacy or adoption. Our Reno attorney can answer all your questions about family formation to ensure your information is complete, so you can focus on the joy of starting or expanding your family.

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