How Do I Adopt a Child?

Our Reno Adoption Attorney Explains Nevada Adoption Laws

Picture of a family with an adopted childAdoption is a journey for all parties: birth parents, individuals who are adopting, family members and the children. Sometimes the journey is complicated and frustrating, but the destination is worth every minute. The legal transfer of parental rights can provide children the opportunity to become healthy adults. Nevada adoption lawyers, such as Eric A. Stovall, who knows all the rules and regulations specific to NV adoptions can guide you on this journey.

Why People Adopt Children

There are many reasons why people choose to adopt a child. Some parents are not able to have children or are interested in adopting siblings or other relatives. Others may choose to adopt children who are homeless or in foster care. Individuals who choose to adopt children with disabilities can also enrich their physical and psychological development. In short, people choose to adopt children because they want to start a family or add onto their present family. No matter the reason, it is best to contact an experienced Reno adoption attorney who can offer adoption help and answer any adoption questions you may have.

Nevada Adoption Information

Over the past 20 years, the percentage of adopted children, raised by others, has significantly risen. Many people are able to adopt children. Your race, religion, sexual orientation and home-ownership status does not matter in Nevada. Families who choose to adopt children do not even have to earn a high income or have previously raised children. Adoption attorneys in Nevada can help married as well as single parents to determine if they qualify for adoption. They can also explain adoption steps and explain the average cost of adoption. In Nevada, you will have the opportunity to choose the child you will adopt based on:

Different Types of Adoption in Nevada

There are also many different categories of adoption. Since every couple and every family is different, we can help figure out which option fits you best. Some examples of different types of adoption include:

  • Closed Adoptions– Sometimes used in international adoptions, this type seals the records of the biological parents. This then keeps the process confidential. This type of adoption is seldom chosen in interstate or intrastate adoptions.
  • Open Adoptions– Birth parents can keep in touch with adoptive parents, possibly through post adoption contact agreements (PACA).
  • Relative Adoptions– Perhaps made by a stepmother or father; however, it could also include siblings or grandchildren.
  • Unrelated Adoptions – The adoptive parent is not related to the child.
  • Agency Adoptions– Going through an adoption agency to find a child to adopt.
  • Private Adoptions– Adopting from someone you know.

Find an Adoption Attorney In or Around Reno or Las Vegas

Becoming a parent through adoption is a lifelong commitment that can then lead to a better life for parents and children alike. Why not start your journey today? If you plan to adopt a child or if you are just considering adoption, then contact Reno adoption attorney Eric A. Stovall.

We can explain Nevada adoption laws, qualifications, types of adoptions, adoption costs, US adoption laws and more.

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