Why You Need A Nevada Surrogacy Attorney

Why You Need a Nevada Surrogacy Attorney

The Benefits of Legal Counsel to Become a Surrogate

Surrogacy is a complex legal process that can involve numerous parties. If you plan on using a surrogate, then you must address many legal issues to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Our law firm represents the intended parents (the eventual parents of the child), as well as gestational carriers. In our experience even if the surrogate and intended parents initially agree on many things, emotions can arise during the pregnancy that could lead to some parties changing their minds. You need an attorney to think through these contingencies and to protect the contractual agreement you made.

Since 1995, Nevada surrogacy attorney Eric A. Stovall has worked with numerous families and individuals located throughout the state. Admitted to practice law in 1987, he watches as surrogacy law changes and he then adapts his practice accordingly. Ultimately, we want what is in the child’s best interest.

Helping You Build Your Family While Protecting Your Rights

Some of the legal services our law firm offers include:

  • Creating legally enforceable surrogacy contracts, also referred to as “gestational contracts” in some instances. These outline the expectations and obligations the intended parent(s) may have of the surrogate.
  • Handling any parental rights issues that could affect the physical and legal custody of the child. This may include obtaining pre-birth orders as well as other important documentation.
  • Obtaining separate representation to gestational carriers to ensure that their rights are upheld in Court.
  • Providing experienced legal counsel to same-sex couples. This may include assistance with second parent adoption.
  • Helping you address the legal issues that may arise when using a surrogacy agency or fertility clinic to find a gestational carrier.
  • Planning for surrogacy costs. This includes the costs of any fees, plus compensation to the gestational surrogate.

How Does Surrogacy Work? I Want to Become a Surrogate; What is Next?

These are the types of questions we get a lot. Fortunately, Nevada has some of the most progressive surrogacy laws in the nation. These laws give individuals, married couples and unmarried couples the ability to become parents by utilizing gestational carriers. Let our law firm help answer these questions and then think through all your options and decisions. Please contact Nevada surrogacy attorney Eric A. Stovall to set up a consultation.

Looking To Be or Use a Surrogate?

Eric A. Stovall is here to help.

Eric Stovall can provide legal representation for adoption and provide the information you need today!

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Eric is a Reno adoption and surrogacy attorney dedicated to protecting Nevada families and helping them grow. If you are considering the adoption of a child, using a surrogate, or becoming a surrogate, contact us to learn how to get started.

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