Adopting Siblings?

Our Reno Adoption Attorney Lets You Know What to Expect

sibling-adoptionReno adoption lawyer Eric A. Stovall offers his experience in the Nevada adoption process to those who are adopting siblings. Our law firm has helped hundreds of families in many different situations. We work with our clients, discuss the different ways to adopt and offer advice as to which avenues best fit each individual situation. Additionally, we are well versed in all Nevada adoption laws. Thus, we are ready to put that knowledge and skill to work for you. Adoption involving siblings is a special situation that requires an attorney who knows the Nevada system well and has experience in cases like these. Please call us now at (775) 337-1444.

Adopting Groups of Siblings

Prospective parents may adopt sibling groups, including twins, through domestic or international agencies, as well as through an independent adoption. More often, sibling groups are adopted through public agencies after placement in the foster care system. In general, the state prefers to keep sibling groups together by finding families who can adopt more than one child at once. Families interested in adopting a group of siblings are greatly in demand, too. Our Nevada adoption attorney can help you prepare for your home study and explain what to expect from the process.

Adopting Your Own Sibling

In some cases, an older sibling seeks to adopt his or her younger siblings. These cases require special attention. We have experience working with adoption cases of all kinds. Let us review your family’s situation today and explain the first steps you would need to take to seek custody of a sibling. We work closely with you to be certain that you complete and file all necessary paperwork on time. We can also assist with your dealings between private and public agencies alike.

Looking For Attorney That Handles Sibling Adoptions in Nevada?

At Eric A. Stovall, Ltd. we work with families to create lasting bonds between adoptive families and children. Since 1995, we have been working with the Nevada court system to facilitate adoptions. Our experience can be an asset to you. Please contact our Nevada adoption attorney to learn more about how we can help.

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