Adopting Siblings, a Stepchild or a Grandchild?

Our Nevada Adoption Lawyer Answers Your Questions

Picture of a family with an adopted childAll adoptions are life-changing events in the lives of the children and parents, adoptive and biological alike. A relative adoption is frequently just a formality that legally solidifies an already strong parent-child bond. Nevada adoption lawyer Eric A. Stovall has helped build families through relative adoptions, as well as many other adoption situations, since 1995.

Adopting a Stepchild in Nevada

When considering the adoption of a stepchild, the first step is to see if you can easily obtain consent of both biological parents. Cases in which you have already established consent are the simplest. However, if the non-custodial parent does not want to give consent, it is difficult to finalize the adoption. Nevada adoption laws dictate who must consent, as well as when that consent is not necessary. These constantly changing laws can be confusing. However, attorney Stovall knows the law well and is always up to date on any modifications that could affect you and your family.

What happens if the biological parent and adoptive stepparent divorce? It will not have any effect on the previously finalized adoption. In that instance, the adoptive parent retains all the same legal and financial rights and responsibilities as a biological parent.

Adopting a Grandchild or Other Related Child

If a biological parent is unable to care for his/her children, it is sometimes preferential for a member of the family, such as a grandparent, aunt or uncle, to step in to provide that care and familial bond for the child. Legal adoption is the most permanent solution in cases like these.

If the court deems the biological parents unfit and decides that termination of parental rights is in the best interest of the child, the parents do not need to consent to the adoption. Our Nevada adoption attorney presents you to the court as the best adoptive parent for your grandchildren, siblings or nieces and nephews.

Lawyers For Relative Adoptions in Reno and Las Vegas

Relative adoptions tend to be less complicated than other adoptions. However, it is still important that you seek the counsel of an experienced adoption attorney. Please contact our Nevada adoption lawyer for knowledgeable representation you can count on to make your adoption proceedings go smoothly.

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