Single Parent Adoptions

Our Reno Adoption Attorney Works With Families of All Shapes and Sizes

single-parent-adoptionsThe past two decades have seen a significant increase in the number of single parent adoptions in the United States. Agencies are more willing than ever to consider a single parent household as a suitable environment for an adoptive child. It is the National Adoption Center’s policy not to discriminate, including against marital status. View our Guide to Single Parent Adoption in Nevada for more information. You can also call our law firm now to discuss single parent adoption. Our phone number is (775) 337-1444.

Can a Single Parent Adopt from Any Agency?

Private agenciesinternational and domestic alike, have their own sets of qualifications for a potential adoptive parent. Some require a two-parent household to consider a family qualified for adoption. In other cases, private agencies do not exclude single parent adoptions. However, they may prioritize married couples ahead of them. Our Nevada adoption attorney knows the adoption system and can help you navigate through these agencies. We will weed out those that will not serve your best interests.

Additionally, Nevada adoption laws stipulate that, in the case of public agencies, single mothers and fathers will receive the same consideration as married couples in the matter of adoptions. However, you must still undergo a lengthy process to reach an approval. We can assist you with all your pre-adoption preparations. Our law firm has been through hundreds of adoptions from beginning to end. A well-prepared case file can make your adoption proceedings go smoothly and quickly. We will work with you toward that final day in court when you and your child can celebrate the beginning of your new lives as a family.

Adoption Lawyers for Single Parent Adoption in Reno and Las Vegas

Adoption can be a lengthy process, and an emotionally charged one. Please contact our Nevada adoption lawyer for answers to your adoption questions. We work with families every day who are seeking to complete, or expand, their families through adoption. Thus, we understand how deeply personal this process is, and we are here to make it easier on you. If you have already begun your journey towards adoption, then let us review your case and recommend what steps should come next. If you are just beginning, then we welcome the opportunity to be a part of your entire adoption process.

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