Pros And Cons Of Private Adoptions

Pros and Cons of Private Adoptions

Our Nevada Adoption Attorney Explains

Private adoptions, also referred to as independent adoptions, may be the best fit for you and your family. However, there are pros and cons to consider. Our law firm is always up to date on any Nevada adoption laws that could affect your adoption, whether you choose to use an agency or pursue adoption privately.

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What is a Private Adoption?

A private adoption, also known as an independent adoption, is an adoption that occurs without the involvement of a public child welfare agency. In a private adoption, the birth parents and adoptive parents typically arrange the adoption directly or with the assistance of an adoption attorney or private adoption agency.

Key characteristics of private adoptions include:

  • Direct Arrangement: Private adoptions involve direct communication and arrangement between the birth parents and adoptive parents, often facilitated by an adoption professional. This direct involvement allows for more control and input from both parties in the adoption process.
  • Legal and Professional Assistance: While private adoptions do not involve a public child welfare agency, they often require the assistance of legal professionals, such as adoption attorneys, to ensure that the adoption follows all applicable laws and regulations. Private adoption agencies may also provide support and guidance throughout the process.
  • Variety of Types: Private adoptions can take various forms, including infant adoptions, stepparent adoptions, relative adoptions, and sometimes even older child adoptions. The specific type of private adoption will depend on the circumstances and relationships involved.
  • Openness and Communication: In many private adoptions, there is the potential for a higher degree of openness and communication between the birth parents and adoptive parents. This can vary widely based on the preferences of the parties involved and the type of adoption being pursued.
  • Legal Considerations: Private adoptions must comply with all relevant state and federal laws governing adoption, including consent requirements, home studies, legal filings, and finalization procedures. Adoption professionals involved in private adoptions help ensure that these legal requirements are met.

It's important to note that private adoptions can be complex and may involve legal, emotional, and logistical challenges. Prospective birth parents and adoptive parents considering a private adoption should seek the guidance of experienced adoption professionals to navigate the process effectively and ensure that their rights and responsibilities are protected.

Pros of Private Adoptions

Private adoptions can be a wonderful way to fulfill your dream of adopting. There are many reasons adoptive parents choose this path. You may have more control and freedom in choosing the child you adopt. 

Many times, private adoptions take place when the birth parents and adoptive parents know one another or are associated through common acquaintances. You may already have a relationship with the parents and the child you intend to adopt. 

Further, you can decide how much contact you want to maintain once the adoption is complete. Some families choose to remain in close contact and build a relationship between the adopted child and his/her birth family.

Adoptive parents who do not meet agency criteria can adopt privately. Parents must meet several criterions to adopt through an agency. Depending on the agency itself, these requirements vary significantly.

However, if an agency turned you down, that does not mean you cannot adopt. Private adoptions allow the adoptive and birth parents to establish more flexible criteria.

Cons of Private Adoption

If you are considering going through independent, or private, channels to adopt, then you should consider some of the potential negative aspects. Court processes can be long and complex. They are completely dependent on the specific circumstances of your adoption as opposed to the fairly cut and dry process of agency adoptions, which are all handled essentially the same way.

Private adoptions generally have fewer middlemen; therefore, the fees paid for the adoption itself may be lower. However, this can be misleading because the overall expense of a private adoption is unpredictable. 

In addition to legal and medical expenses, adoptive parents can pay living and counseling expenses for the birth mother. The cost of medical expenses alone can be very high, especially if the birth mother does not have health insurance or Medicaid coverage. Our Nevada adoption lawyer can handle your private adoption, evaluate your situation and provide a recommendation as to which type of adoption is best suited to your needs.

Even if you move forward with a private adoption, you will still need the assistance of a licensed, Nevada adoption agency for some aspects of the adoption.

Additional Benefits of Working with an Adoption Lawyer

While there are many pros and cons to both options, working directly with an attorney for your adoption process may provide you with ease of mind as you will have a direct line of communication with the person working with you through your adoption, you will also have a trusted advocate who is highly-knowledgeable of adoption laws and can advocate for your growing family's rights through the adoption process. 

Adoption is often vulnerable and tedious, which is why working with an experienced lawyer can be the best option for many adopting parents. Learn more about this when you contact our firm!

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