Guide To Single Parent Adoption Process

Can a Single Parent Adopt in Nevada?

Absolutely.  Making the decision to become a single parent via adoption can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling choices in your life. For many prospective unmarried parents, it can seem like the process was designed only for married couples, leaving you feeling left out entirely. However, data from 2019 shows that almost one-third of adoptions from foster care were completed by single parents in the US. This is mostly due to shifting demographic trends throughout the country. This guide can help you determine if single parent adoption is right for you. We also explain how to navigate the legal Nevada adoption process.

Know Your Rights in a Single Parent Adoption

Married couples complete the majority of adoptions. However, remember that any single person at least 10 years older than the child has the exact same rights to adopt as couples do in the state of Nevada. Neither government entities nor private child placement services can discriminate against you because you are single. You deserve fair treatment throughout the application and placement processes. If you feel that you have been subject to discrimination, then talk to your attorney.

Study Outside Resources

Parenting a child is difficult under any circumstance. However, becoming a single parent includes its own unique set of challenges. Before you formally begin the application process, research adoption and single parenting. The state of Nevada Division of Child and Family Services has a helpful list of reading materials and videos. There are many online resources you can also consult that focus specifically on single parent adoption.

Consider your Preferences Carefully

When processing your application, governmental child welfare agencies and many private entities will give weight to your selected preferences. These may include age, gender, and ethnicity. When pursuing a single parent adoption, it is especially important to review your preferences carefully and determine how they fit into your vision of life as a parent. For instance, without another parent to help during the long nights of infancy, you may find an older child better suits you. Additionally, you may feel more comfortable raising a child of your same gender. Just remember that the stricter your preferences are, the longer it may take to find a suitable child to fit them.

Prepare for the Adoption Home Study

The home study is one of the most important parts of the adoption application process. It can be especially daunting as a single person. The State of Nevada requires home studies for all adoptions of a non-related child. A child welfare agency of the state or county or a licensed, private child placement service should complete it. Although the home study provides an important opportunity for the agency to screen the environment in which the child will be living, you should also take advantage of the time available to ask detailed questions to adoption experts.

Consult with an Experienced Nevada Adoption Attorney

Nevada adoption laws are intricate and complex. While you should do your due diligence before beginning the process, you cannot learn the state family law inside and out. Our Nevada adoption attorney is here to help you throughout the application and placement process. He will represent you fairly as a prospective single parent. Call us now at (775) 227-7221.

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